Politek is an operator of multimodal transportation and procurement logistics. Mutually beneficial logistics as the basis for quality and reliability.

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About the company

«Politek» is a forwarding company operating in the market of procurement, transport and customs logistics since 2004.

We provide a full range of services for the delivery of goods across Russia by all means of transport, as well as multimodal transportation from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region through the Far East and Novorossiysk, from Europe, North and South America through Vietnam and Turkey. We provide professional services in the search for suppliers, purchase of goods under our own contracts, customs clearance of goods, certification and organization of warehouse storage.

Directions and routes

Directionsand routes

Minimum delivery time to the customer's warehouse

Individual approach to everyone

The quality of the service provided

Guarantee of safety and complete safety of the cargo

Our service

Our service

Development of an optimal cargo delivery scheme in conjunction with various modes of transport, taking into account new and existing routes.
Delivery of a container from a foreign supplier to the client’s warehouse door anywhere in Russia without overloading, optimally using air, sea, rail and road transport.

Our services


Multimodal door-to-door container transportation from most countries of the world and to any region of Russia


Search for the necessary supplier, including sanctioned goods


Customs clearance at all customs posts of seaports and CED


Transportation of bulky and heavy equipment across the territory of Russia, including transportation by railway and highways

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation
in international traffic

International container transportation allows our Customers to carry out cargo transportation from one country to another, changing several modes of transport without additional costs and time spent on transshipment.

Key factors for the organization of international multimodal cargo transportation:

  • The knowledge of the company’s specialists
  • Is a reliable partner network all over the world
  • Experience in building routes
  • The possibility of providing special vehicles
  • Types of transport optimization
Air transportation

Air transportation

International air transportation

Domestic Russian air transportation

Full comprehensive service

The ability to work with oversized, heavy and valuable cargo

Search for a supplier

Search for a supplier and purchase
of a turnkey product

We also offer a comprehensive delivery system from the purchase of goods abroad to delivery to your warehouse. We conclude the contract with the supplier ourselves. You receive the product you need with all the necessary documents (invoices and bills of lading). In this case, you get a guarantee and security of delivery, the opportunity to pay for the entire order in Russian rubles.

How does it work?


We have been working with trusted partners in Turkey, Vietnam and China for many years. Understanding in which country it is necessary to find a supplier, we think over the legend and begin negotiations on behalf of one of our partners on the purchase of goods "not to Russia".


If necessary (if the cargo requires special import permits), we negotiate with the company holding the necessary permits and licenses and make purchases through it.


Further, the goods are technically purchased through intermediaries and imported according to all the rules into the Russian Federation under a supply agreement and all necessary documents.

Transportation of liquid goods in flexitanks

Transportation of liquid cargoes
in flexitanks

«Politek» represents in the Russian Federation the products of one of the world leaders in the production of packaging for the transportation of liquid, liquid and bulk cargo (liners for standard containers such as «Flexitank», «Liner Bag» and medium-tonnage «paper IBC container») — the BLT company Flexitank Industrial Co., LTD»

Advantages of using FLEXITANKS:

  • environmentally friendly packaging
  • aseptic materials and always new and clean packaging eliminate the risk of contamination of cargo
  • high loading rate, light weight and small dimensions during storage
  • no costs associated with return, washing and use of equipment
  • low labor costs for loading/unloading

Flexitanks are made of polyethylene and polypropylene and are used for transportation and storage of non-hazardous liquid cargoes. They fit into standard 20-foot containers and have a volume of 10,000 to 24,000 liters. Flexitank is a disposable container, it is easy to dispose of after use.

What can be transported in FLEXITANKS?
Wines, vegetable oils, concentrated fruit and berry juices, food additives, syrups, etc.
Food products
Liquid non-hazardous chemical products, Plasticizers, synthetic resins
Lubricating oils, lubricating oil additives, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, etc.
Industrial fats and oils
Propylene glycol,ethylene glycol, herbicides, synthetic latex
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    Mutually beneficial logistics as the basis of quality and reliability.
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    Our projects

    Our projects

    Supply of spare parts for Chinese cars

    Cargo delivery by sea containers from Asia

    Delivery of bulk cargo in wagons

    Delivery of bulk cargoes from China

    Our partners

    Our partners

    Our partners are the largest international shipping companies, terminals and operators, as well as all major ports of the Russian Federation: St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Novorossiysk.


    SC «TransContainer»

    A.P. Moller-MaerskGroup



    Hyundai Merchant Marine Company Ltd




    Head office (Moscow warehouse)

    Moscow, Polessky Proezd 16s1 of 430
    Nikiforov Evgeny
    E-mail: nikiforov@ooo-polytec.ru
    Skype: gene-uss
    Mobile: +7 908 977 88 88

    Head office (Moscow warehouse)

    Customer Service Manager
    E-mail: pokladov@ooo-polytec.ru
    Mobile: +7 925 666-93-99

    Head office (Moscow warehouse)

    Customer Service Manager
    E-mail: ipatyev@ooo-polytec.ru
    Mobile: +7 903 107-37-78

    Head office (Moscow warehouse)

    Far Eastern Office (Ussuriysk)

    692527, Primorsky Krai, Ussuriysk, Sergey Ushakov str., 8 In
    Semshchikov Denis Vladimirovich Executive Director
    E-mail: den@politec.su
    Mobile: +7 924 237 73 70

    Far Eastern Office (Ussuriysk)

    Semshchikova Irina Sergeevna Chief accountant
    E-mail: irina@politec.su
    Skype: irina-uss
    Mobile: +7 924 732 22 16

    Far Eastern Office (Ussuriysk)

    Customer Service Manager
    E-mail: kate@politec.su
    Mobile: + 7 924 261-06-54

    Far Eastern Office (Ussuriysk)

    Our specialization is

    – search for suppliers according to the customer’s TOR, complex logistics and customs of sanctioned, oversized and combined cargoes.
    We have been importing and delivering goods from China and all over Asia for more than 20 years.

    We can:

    • ASIA
      1. find the right supplier in Asia and check the company’s internal databases in China
      2. to agree on the terms, to buy the goods directly or through a Chinese company
      3. to get and properly legalize the product in the Russian Federation
      4. to purchase and bring samples officially and not
      5. to establish production in China under STM
    • EUROPE
      1. find a supplier and set up a negotiation process on behalf of a German or Vietnamese company
      2. to purchase goods for euros and dollars through trading houses in Turkey and Vietnam
      3. to deliver and legalize goods from Europe to the Russian Federation
    • own employees in China – check-out of the supplier, inspection of shipments, inspection of goods, support of negotiations.
    • verified partner trading house in Turkey for Europe (dollar and euro)
    • we work through all seaports of the Russian Federation for sea cargo in containers: Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg.
    • our own channel of combined cargo from China through the Border (Primorsky Territory), we ship our cars weekly.
    • we deliver air cargo from all over the world via Moscow and Vladivostok.
    • we deliver combined and containerized cargoes from Europe via Turkey.
    • own trading companies in China and Vietnam
    • we deliver goods by direct railway from China to the Russian Federation

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