Flexitank by BLT

Flexitank by BLT



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LTD “Politec” presents on the territory on the Russian Federation the production of one of the world leaders in the packaging manufacture for transport of liquid and bulk cargos (a liner inside a standard container “flexitank”, “Liner Bag” and a middle-tonnage “Paper IBC container”) – the company “BLT Flexitank Industrial” Co., LTD

The company “BLT Flexitank Industrial” Co., LTD (BLT) was founded in the USA and is one of the largest manufacturers of packaging for the transportation of bulk and liquid (not dangerous) cargo. BLT company has several patents registered in the USA and China. All products are manufactured in compliance with all European quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000, COA. All materials and equipment are subject to regular inspection and testing of the most serious international organizations.

In addition to packaging for transport, BLT is engaged in the active development of an international network of offices and agents throughout the world. With the help of well-established network of agents, BLT offers a full range of logistics and liquid bulk cargoes, offering the most advanced and secure technologies. Today, the network includes 50 agencies covering all major world markets.


How does flexitank work?

What can be transported in Flexitank?




Whote is Flexitank?

A flexitank (or called flexibag) is a soft, tough, light, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) bladder with a volume of 10.000 to 24.000 liters for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquid cargoes within a standard 20-foot ISO dry-box container. It is generally used one time. This makes flexitanks a cost-effective transportation solution for non-hazardous liquids, including certain chemicals, latex, wines, food oils and juices.

How it works?


FLEXITANK should be installed in 20-foot container. Installation of a 24.000L FLEXITANK takes 10-20 minutes. After installation you will just need to connect your connecting device to FLEXITANK. Using the pump you can start loading. Loading takes 20-40 minutes depending on type of a cargo and the pump. After loading is finished the container with FLEXITANK and with your cargo is ready to travel. The flexitank can be transported by road, railway or sea.


Cost effective and considerably economical than ISO tank container ,IBC and Drum.

  • High payloads, Low weight and space
  • No return, cleaning and demurrage cost
  • Lower labor/time consuming for handling & loading
  • Clean, asepsis and no risk of contamination
  • Environmental friendly
  • No forklift required
  • Can be rapidly positioned by airfreight if ungent needed

Types of Flexitank.

In accordance with the properties of liquids flexitanks have different specification.
Special flexitanks for food products: Flexitanks used specifically for food products must fully meet the standards of food hygiene.

Special flexitanks for the chemical industry:

Most chemical liquids has an aggressive corrosion, so special anti-corrosion materials and valves are used for chemical products.

Special flexitanks for the oil industry:

Special flexitanks for the oil industry are used to transport various oil and fat liquids.

Comparison with ISO Tank / Tank Container

Significantly reduce expenses for transportation and rent. To use a flexitank means you just need to pay freight for the 20 feet container.

  • There is no need to return tank-container and pay for this
  • There is no need to clean FLEXITANK after transportation as it is disposable
  • Saving the rent for tank-container per day
  • Flexitank Brings more flexibility and convenience for Both supplyer and buyer

Comparison with Drum / IBC

  • Saving more than 60-70% on the packaging costs than durms and 50 % than IBC
  • 30-40% more payload than drums, 15-25% more payload than IBC
  • Saving up to 80% of time and labor for loading and unloading of the cargo and drums, 50% than IBC
  • Greatly reducing losses/residual of a cargo during loading/unloading
  • Low inital cost and low transport cost. Saving valued shipping container space