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Paper IBC container

Paper IBC container



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Paper IBC container

The paper IBC container is an ideal way for bulk liquid storage transportation and could replace traditional storages such as steel and plastic drums.

The outer of the IBC is made of high-density corrugated carton and the inner is made of sterile food-grade PE liner.

It is able to carry up to 1000 liters of non-hazardous products, which reduces filing and discharging time, handling costs and free up storage space while transporting of bulk liquid.

We offer 3 standard sizes of IBC container: 275 gallons (1000 liters), 250 gallons (945 liters) and 220 gallons (830 liters)

IBC loading containers with cargo: 20 IBC containers can be put in 20’GP container.

Paper IBC container


IBC container 945 litres


L/W/H (м)

Weight (kgs)

Octagonal body



Top lid



Bottom pad



Advantages IВС container

  • ECONOMICAL - low price of the set and no need for retuning or cleaning container after unloading of IBC container makes excellent alternative to the traditional ISO containers and tank containers.
  • STRONG - specially designed construction proven by numerous tests guarantee the safety of cargo transportation in all the way.
  • EASY TO SET UP - a simple effective design that is quick and easy to assemble.
  • SAVE SPACE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - valuable space is saved because the components are stored knocked down until needed.
  • VERSATILE - the IBC can be tailored to your size and construction requirements.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - completely recyclable, bio-degradable, clean, no risk of contamination.

Foods permitted to be transported in IBC container

Durability, ecological compatibility and sterility of the package allows you to transport any non-hazardous and non-corrosive liquid bulk cargoes:

  • Foodstuffs
    • wine
    • vegetable oils
    • concentrated fruit and berry juices
    • nutritional supplements
    • syrups, etc.
  • Industrial Oil and Fat
    • lubricants
    • lubricating oil additive
    • transformer oil
    • white oil
    • tung-oil
    • glycerol, etc.
  • Non-hazardous liquid chemicals
    • plasticizers
    • synthetic resins
    • propylene glycol
    • ethylene glycol
    • herbicides
    • сsynthetic latex, etc.

IBC containers are shipped disassembled - 220 sets in 20’GP container (without pallet). If necessary, can be supplied with wooden pallets.

Paper IBC container Paper IBC container