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Liner bag

Liner bag



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The liner of 'liner bag'

The liner of “liner bag” is used for the transport of bulk solids (granular and powder) products. Widely used in emerging markets transportation of granular and powder products due to its cost effectiveness and ease of use compared to traditional woven or tonnage bags.

  • Hermetic packaging protects against contamination during transportation from the seller to the buyer.
  • Using only the useful volume of the container effectively increases the volume of traffic.
  • Easy installation greatly reduces the amount of work and number of workers.
  • Weight of the empty container liner is from 6 to 18 kg.
  • Easy utilization.

The liner bag for dry bulk

The use of container liner “liner bag” for bulk (granular and powder) of goods is carried out in such sectors as agriculture, chemistry, metallurgy, food industry, etc.

Non-food products: Food:
  • urea
  • soda
  • alumina
  • mineral concentrate
  • metallurgical coke
  • polymer granules (PVC, PE, PET, PP, etc.)
  • sulfur
  • chemical fertilizers
  • cement
  • coagulants
  • sugar
  • grains and cereals
  • schroth
  • salt
  • flour
  • starch
  • legumes
  • tea
  • malt
  • coffee


Methods for loading and unloading are different because the front wall of a liner Bag is made in consultation with the customer and depends on the customer's equipment.