Flexitank: review or the whole truth about Flexitank. Part 2.

Flexitank: review or the whole truth about Flexitank. Part 2.



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So, we continue. In the first part, we found out that Russian market of flexitank is represented by three companies with permission for transportation on the railway. Now I suggest to clarify where the below mentioned flexitanks are made and what quality they are. Bigredfleksitank company has been the pioneer of the Russian flexitanks market, the employees of the company say that their flexitanks are made in the USA. This is not true, because in fact it was found that flexitanks sold under the brand Bigredfleksitank are made in China. This is confirmed by copies of customs declarations imported from China.

Now about Europack. This company was founded by some former employees of Bigredfleksitank company, generally it’s a usual story: people want more – but are paid a little. So this group of people started to work separately and sell flexs under the brand “Europack”. They also buy flexitanks in China at factory QingDao LAF Packaging, and then import under their own brand.

Flexitanks sold by “Politec” LTD are made in China by the “BLT Flexitank Industrial Co.”, LTD, and in Russia are sold under the same brand. Politec Ltd. is the only official agent and representative of BLT (one of the world's largest manufacturers of flexitank) on the territory of Russia and CIS, providing full manufacturer's warranty on products with insurance coverage of losses up to $ 5,000,000.

It turns out that all three companies manufacture their products in China, and it’s difficult to say something about their quality because China manufacturers make good enough and competitive products, a lot of factories are located in China. We assume that all three companies have normal quality, as the technology and materials that are used by flexitank manufacturers are about the same. The question is only in covering the losses resulting from accidents. “BLT Flexitank Industrial Co.”, LTD provides the guarantee of insurance to cover the losses incurred as a result of a manufacturing defect with insurance coverage of up to $ 5 million. How can settle the question the other two is unknown.

Let’s go ahead. Bigredfleksitank and Europack have come to the Russian market as packaging sellers. It’s a different story in case of “Politec” LTD, and it favorably differs “Politec” LTD from its two competitors. “Politec” LTD has always been a logistics company specializing in the maintenance of traffic flows from Asia Pacific (China, Korea, SE, etc.). When the company became the official representativeof BLT Flexitank Industrial Co., LTD in the Russian Federation, it was not difficult to get started with liquid cargoes and increase these volumes, because they had already carried a variety of liquid cargo, but only in barrels. This is regarding the export to the Russian Federation. As times goes by, Politec’s new customers began to appear and they wanted not only sell flexitanks, but provide a full range of logistics services. For example, a customer in Russia wants to buy MEG (monoethylene glycol) in China. A “Politec” representative should arrive at the factory where the product will be poured, prepare container for flexitank installation, install flexitank into container and control downloading. This service is in demand in the market, the customer shifts the responsibility for the transportation to “Politec” LTD. Thus the cost of such a service of “Politec” LTD is much lower than that of other companies. Because there are no middlemen, all the service is made either by BLT plant or “Politec” employees, including freight forwarding services in the ports of the Far East. There is still one of the competitive advantages in the field related to flexitank that “Politec” LTD was able to offer its customers, it’s a searching of various chemicals (liquid cargo) in China, South Korea. Since BLT Flexitank Industrial Co., LTD cooperates with many chemical plants in China and South Korea in servicing their flexitanl products, it provides more favorable conditions for various products of the chemical plants.

Dear friends, with your permission, I take a break. In the next article, we will continue to consider the theme of flexitanks and advantages of their usage.

Sincerely, Author.